Hotz ArtWorks provides illustration/graphic art services to the print/publishing industry, produces 3D PDF card-stock models, and manufactures a large line of felt mats and felt gaming products. To view our range of services and products, please click on the website/product links below.

Hotz Mats: Felt gaming mats made from high quality felt. Mats are avil able with or without hexes/squares. Custom orders accepted.

Hotz ArtWorks Illustration and Graphic Arts Services: Book, web, magazine and newsletter Illustration, Cartography, Woodcut Art, Computer Art, etc.

Whitewash City: Wild West PDF Building Models in 1/64th (30mm) scale. Just print & build. Over 90 models to choose from; purchase individually or in sets. Join the Whitewash City Discussion Group

Roman Seas: Ancient Roman PDF Ships and Building Models in 1/300th scale. Print and build. Quick, easy and inexpensive. Make as many as you want! Join the Roman Seas Discussion Group

Hotz Artworks at RPGNow: Hotz ArtWorks Online Store at Purchase Roman Seas and Whitewash City PDF files using PayPal or Credit Card and download instantly!

Blue Max/Canvas Eagles: The most popular, fast paced, fun WWI air combat game system!

Battles For Empire II: Chris Leach's colonial miniatures rules for company/battalion battle wargaming.